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Pacman Egg Cups


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The perfect PAC-MAN accessory for your kitchen, these cute and practical Ghost Egg Cups from the iconic video game are the perfect way to liven up your breakfast. This twin set of Ghost Egg Cups consists of the blue Ghost (named Inky) and the red Ghost (Blinky) who are famous for chasing PAC-MAN around the maze. These Ghost Egg Cups are made from plastic, chosen especially to keep their physical features more defined. The top of each Ghost Egg Cup lifts off enabling you to place the egg inside and the top can be replaced on top of the egg in order to keep it warm. The Ghosts’ eyes remain in place when the top is removed so the egg cups still look realistic when holding an egg. The Ghost Egg Cups measure nearly 7 cms in height with the top included. They are unsuitable for microwave or dishwasher use and should be hand washed in warm soapy water.