Superstitions Kit


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Superstitions Kit informs and equips you with everything you need to shield yourself from the world’s many ills—a guide, spell cards, and materials to create your own protection jars.

Across cultures and spanning centuries, superstitions rooted in cultural legends and myths have formed and influenced daily life. (When was the last time you walked under a ladder?) The peculiar, the mystical, the macabre—and how to protect yourself from it all—awaits inside this all-inclusive kit, which comes with:

  • 32-page guidebook that explores more than 150 superstitions, traditions, myths, monsters, and folklore from around the word.
  • 15 protection-spell cards that cover a host of things you’d want to ward off, from the evil eye and bad luck to poor health, travel disruptions, even nightmares.
  • Materials to make your own protection jars—glass vials with cork stoppers, amethyst crystals, paper tags and twine.